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Joe Peeping Fat Chick

Hi, I'm Joe. I've always seemed to have this fascination with the woman next door. Now she is not what you would expect, she's a really big lady, I'm say close to 320 pounds. She had a curvaceous body with extremely larg breasts and long blonde hair which she styled to complement her facial features. Now she had my curiosity peaked for a long time and it had to be satisfied, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.

I can remember sitting at home one night watching TV in my room. When I noticed her light come on in the window of the house where she lived. I knew it was wrong but I just had to see what she looked like with all those clothes off. So I preceded to sneak out my back door and slip into the ally between our two homes. In the brush under her window I carefully peeked over the ledge of her bedroom window to get a closer view. She was dancing around to some music by herself in front of a tall mirror. It was through the mirror that I was able to see her. If I had tried to get any other view I would have been caught for sure. She was wearing a pink blouse that hung loosely over her large body, and a long black skirt which draped from high over her hips down to her ankles. I would like to have known what it was that put her into such a good mood that day. She pranced around slowly undoing the buttons on the front of her blouse, exposing a large, black, lacy bra with her breasts protruding from it.

Crouching down in that bush I could feel my anticipation growing deep within my groin. I couldn't believe I was actually getting turned on by this fat girl. As she danced in front of the mirror one button after another came undone, like she was putting on a private show, knowing I was there. The black lacy bra was now in plain view, I could even make out the little red bow right in the center of her very large cleavage. Before I realized it I was rubbing myself through my jeans. She was driving me wild with her seductive movements. She was now reaching around to the back of her skirt unzipping it, then sliding her hands under her skirt at the waist to push the skirt slowly off her mountainous hips. She ran her hands down the length of her legs till the skirt was lying on the floor. She was very flexible for a woman of her size. It made me wonder of the positions I could put this woman in.

Standing up quickly, her long blonde hair flipped over her head and landed gracefully on her broad shoulders. I had to shift my position as she walked over to her couch and sat down, making sure she could still see herself in the mirror. She sat there for a few minutes with her eyes closed running her hands over herself from her now exposed breasts down to her wide open legs.

She slipped her panties off so that she could get full access to herself. I could see her wetness from my position, picturing my mouth wrapped around every inch. She had the largest clam I had ever seen, opening it up as if inviting me to join her. Suddenly I couldn't hold myself back, it was like I had no control over the hot wetness which filled my pants. I continued standing there watching her touch and rub ever inch of her massive body till I got to see her release her pent up sexual tension.

You know I had to go back and check out eh show more than once, it's become an almost nightly ritual for me. One of these days, I'll knock on her door and help her out instead of just watching.